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About Joel Proulx

Joel Proulx has been drawn to the world of music for over two decades. Starting out with playing guitar, he later expanded his knowledge to other instruments and vocal work. As Joel continued in his journey with music, he has explored several projects with different bands, and continues to actively pursue music based projects. It was during those early years that Joel discovered how much of a passion and gift he has for recording and making music sound its best. With over 8 years of experience, Joel decided to pursue his dreams and open his own studio. Being able to make other's music come to life, and make it sound impeccable is the driving force behind Joel's work. Joel continuously strives to expand his knowledge and expertise in the field so he can provide the highest quality service to each one of his artists. Not only does Joel pride himself on capturing each artists vision, but he strives to provide that perfect and unique sound for each project as well.

Why Choose PWS?

  • Reasonable prices
  • One on one sessions
  • Years of experience
  • Dedicated to making it just right.

My Services

From start to finish.

Recording & Tracking

Come to my studio and I will record you or your band. I will help with production as well as editing and vocal tuning.

Mixing and Mastering

I can take raw tracks that you have recorded at any location and turn them into professional, polished recordings.


I offer services for audio education that include coming to the studio for mix deconstructions, as well as video tutorials of how I mixed your song.

Production Samples

Here are just a few examples of my work, I have experience working with many different genres and styles.

Catch the Lion - "Mission" (Indie/Rock)

Stephen Piotrowski - "Here for Awhile" (Easy Listening)

Terence TrujourneyAllah Wayne - "Musa" (House/Dance)

Aidan Ostrowski "On Site" (Rap/Hip Hop)

Catch the Lion - "Waiting" (Indie/Rock)

MaryBeth King - "Almost Gone" (Acoustic)


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